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January 22, 2015

Hope for Self-Injurers

Do you have a friend who cuts their body with a sharp object till they bleed? How about someone who…

Depression, News, Youth Mental Health
December 31, 2014

As Suicides Spike, Some Policymakers Seek Answers

The number of suicides in America is growing, particularly in the West, but the issue rarely garners attention from most…

Depression, News, Youth Mental Health
December 10, 2014

Helping employees who struggle with mental health issues

There was a collective gasp of shock when we all heard of the suicide of Robin Williams. How could a…

Depression, News
November 12, 2014

"I’m fine.": An in-depth look at mental health on campus

Twenty-five percent of people aged 18 to 24 have a diagnosable mental illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental…

Depression, News
August 13, 2014

How to Recognize Depression

There are several ways to tell if a person is depressed. “They could be withdrawing from activities they used to…

Depression, News
May 9, 2014

‘Move for Mental Health’

For three years running Annapolis Royal has hosted the Annapolis County Defeat Depression walk/run/bike to raise funds for mental wellbeing…

Depression, News