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One Mind Pledge


one mind pledge

Congratulations and thank you for pledging to train 100% of your department’s sworn officers and other support staff in Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety through IACP‘s “One Mind” pledge. Mental Health First Aid training can help every officer better serve their communities by giving them critical skills to respond safely and responsibly to situations involving people with mental health or substance use disorders.



If you’ve taken the pledge and you’re ready to train your officers in Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety, please email, or call 1-888-244-8980 to get started.

moreinfobuttonFind out more about Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety and what steps you need to take to train your department.


“If we can prevent today’s depressed person from becoming tomorrow’s barricaded person, then we’ve done our job on many, many levels.”

– Captain Joseph Coffey, Rhode Island, TRAINED in Mental Health First Aid

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