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Managing Your Mental Wellbeing During the Holiday Season
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The holiday season is often described as “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many it can also be the most stressful and challenging. According to one study, 38% of people say the holidays cause increased stress, depression and anxiety.

From family gatherings to financial pressures, the holiday season can take a toll on your mental health. To support you on your journey of mental wellbeing, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) created a free toolkit with tips to help you navigate the holidays and prioritize your mental wellbeing.

Download the toolkit for information and resources on:

Understanding Holiday Stress  

  • Recognizing common stressors during the holidays
  • Differentiating between holiday stress and mental health challenges
  • Identifying early signs of mental health challenges

Prioritizing Self-care

  • Practicing self-care during the holidays
  • Practicing self-care to maintain mental health

Setting Realistic Expectations

  • Managing holiday-related expectations
  • The importance of staying present and getting started with a mindfulness practice

Managing Time and Finances

  • Effective time and financial management during the holiday season
  • Creating a holiday budget and calendar that helps reduce stress

Focusing on Physical Health and Nutrition

  • Maintaining physical wellbeing and balanced nutrition during the holidays
  • Incorporating exercise and movement in your daily routine

Coping With Loneliness and Grief

  • Coping with loneliness, grief and loss during the holidays
  • Finding support and staying connected

Embracing Joy and Gratitude

  • Finding moments of joy and gratitude to reduce feelings of stress
  • Creating your own holiday traditions
  • Practicing gratitude exercises

Seeking Support

  • Seeking help when needed
  • Locating programs and professionals who can assist you

Giving Back

  • Spreading kindness and goodwill during the holidays
  • Opportunities to make a positive impact on your community

The holidays can be a wonderful time to create lasting memories, but it’s essential to prioritize your mental wellbeing. By understanding and managing holiday-related stress, setting realistic expectations, practicing self-care, planning ahead, nurturing your physical health and seeking support when needed, you can enjoy a healthier and happier holiday season.


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