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5 Reasons Instructors Should Attend the 2023 Mental Health First Aid Summit

It’s one thing to hear or read online about Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and feel a small flicker of inspiration inside you as an Instructor or Coordinator. It’s a whole other thing to attend a national conference in person and connect with hundreds of other people, including experts and speakers. That really gets the flames of inspiration roaring.

That’s where the Mental Health First Aid Summit comes in. The all-day conference for MHFA Instructors and Coordinators will be held April 30, 2023 in Los Angeles, California, a day before The National Council for Mental Wellbeing’s annual conference, NatCon23.

The MHFA Summit is exclusively for MHFA National Trainers, Instructors and Coordinators who not only know how to help others in need — they lead others in understanding the 5-step MHFA Action Plan (ALGEE). Instructors connect communities, reduce negative stigmas about mental illness and build mental health literacy. They are the champions of the cause.

The Summit exists to empower and encourage Instructors and Coordinators. The event features expert panels and mentoring opportunities, and spotlights speakers who will discuss mental wellbeing and supporting those with mental health and substance use challenges.

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons why you need to attend this special event.

  1. Strengthen your Instructor skill set.

The MHFA Summit is an excellent place to build upon your skills as an MHFA Instructor, whether you’re teaching Adult MHFA, Youth MHFA, teen MHFA or one of our community-specific courses. You’ll have opportunities to listen to informative panels, experienced professionals and industry experts that will strengthen your teaching skills.

  1. Gain knowledge.

You’ll have the chance to listen to expert panels on a wide range of topics related to Mental Health First Aid. From funding your MHFA initiative to cultural awareness, there’s so much to learn at this exclusive event. Plus, you may be able to earn continuing education units (CEUs) to aid in your professional development.

  1. Find inspiration.

Stoke your passion for teaching MHFA with personal stories from speakers. Whether they’re public figures or peers, their experiences will reignite your mind and soul and serve as a reminder of why we all do what we do to #BeTheDifference.

  1. Discover strategies to reach more people.

The Summit will teach you ways to roll out MHFA in your community, expand awareness and reach new audiences. These efforts are more important than ever as the need for mental health care continues to grow, especially with youth.

  1. Network!

Hundreds of peers from around the country attend the MHFA Summit, so it’s an excellent place to network. Chat with other Coordinators or Instructors, both new and experienced, about their best practices and advice, and uncover opportunities to co-instruct. You’ll make lifelong connections that will help you build toward our mutual goal of training 22 million First Aiders.

Take the next step and register for the 2023 Mental Health First Aid Summit.

Love the idea of the Summit and want more? Attend NatCon23! The three-day event is May 1–3 in Los Angeles, California, and it immediately follows the MHFA Summit. NatCon23 is open to anyone committed to transforming communities and saving lives with mental health and substance use treatment — including mental health care providers, treatment organizations, First Aiders, and MHFA Instructors, National Trainers and Coordinators. The conference features leadership-building, organization-boosting learning from the top minds in health care.

p.s. Not an Instructor yet? There’s still time to become one before the Summit. No specific academic or professional credentials are required. Read more about the certification process and Instructor’s role, and apply to become an MHFA Instructor today!


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