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Jasmine’s Journey to Training 2000+ Mental Health First Aiders

Everyday, our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) community powers our mission of ensuring that mental wellbeing is a reality for everyone. MHFA Coordinators, who help Instructors run their courses seamlessly, are important to our community and our work.

MHFA Coordinator Jasmine Breeden

MHFA Coordinator Jasmine Breeden is celebrating a significant milestone for her organization, WellPower, a National Council for Mental Wellbeing member. She’s helped the Denver-based organization, which provides mental health counseling and other supportive services, train over 2,000 Mental Health First Aiders!

Jasmine started on her MHFA journey in 2020, when she began at WellPower. Through a series of roles in the organization, she found her calling in mental health training. And that led her to MHFA in 2022. Her love for training, coupled with a desire to make a difference, led her to the role of MHFA Coordinator two years later.

Jasmine made it her mission to learn as much as she could about MHFA – how the program works, getting insight from other Coordinators, building a partnership the Colorado Behavioral Health Council (CBHC) to ensure that MHFA offerings are consistent across the state, supporting classes that organizations ask CBHC to provide, and working closely with her Instructors to support them. There are a lot of logistics involved in facilitating MHFA courses, and a Coordinator helps Instructors to run their courses more efficiently — especially because many Instructors teach courses part-time outside of their primary jobs. Having a Coordinator manage all the technicalities and support learners alleviates stress for Instructors and allows them to focus solely on teaching.

“At WellPower, we’re dedicated to creating healthier communities by raising awareness about the importance of mental health. Our campaigns and community outreach initiatives help our community understand the value of MHFA training. In recognizing the unique needs of our younger generation, we’ve prioritized MHFA training for schools and community youth programs. We believe empowering youth with mental health knowledge not only equips them with valuable life skills but also contributes to building more resilient and supportive communities,” says Jasmine.

The ripple effects of Jasmine’s efforts extend far beyond WellPower. Organizations such as Denver Parks and Recreation, the Bureau of Reclamation, Denver Public Schools, and numerous small businesses have experienced firsthand the transformative effect of MHFA training:

  • Denver Parks and Recreation: Denver’s local rec centers are seeing an influx of a variety of people and wanted some training to support the people they serve daily. The organization’s supervisor of safety made MHFA training mandatory for Parks and Rec employees. Learners shared how helpful they felt the class was and that it did equip them with more skills to do their jobs more efficiently. Staff members say they’re now better prepared to recognize and respond to mental health challenges, contributing to a healthier recreational environment for the community.
  • Bureau of Reclamation: This agency has seen the positive impact of MHFA in promoting mental wellbeing among its workforce. The training has cultivated an atmosphere that prioritizes mental health, reduces stigma and encourages open conversations about wellbeing.
  • Denver Public Schools: Implementing Youth, Adult, and teen MHFA helped create a safer and more compassionate learning environment. Educators and staff members are better equipped to identify and address the mental health needs of students, ultimately enhancing the overall wellbeing of the school community.
  • In a variety of small businesses, trained employees bring a heightened awareness of mental health challenges to the workplace, fostering a supportive atmosphere that positively impacts individuals’ wellbeing as well as the team as a whole.

Looking ahead, Jasmine’s — and WellPower’s — vision for Mental Health First Aid in the community is one of inclusivity, resilience and empowerment. By expanding training initiatives and forging new partnerships, WellPower aims to create a community where mental health is prioritized, stigma is reduced and individuals feel empowered to support one another. Jasmine says she’s excited for what the future will bring, with initiatives like partnering with Denver Public Schools and expanding the pool of certified Instructors on the horizon.

Jasmine also points out how grateful she is to the mentors and collaborators who have been supporting her. Partnering with the National Council’s MHFA Client Success team and the CBHC has provided unwavering support and guidance that have fueled Jasmine’s success and inspired her to keep going.

For aspiring MHFA Coordinators, Jasmine offers advice rooted in her own experiences, “By building a strong support network, collaborating with others and prioritizing community engagement, Coordinators can amplify their impact and empower others to champion mental health awareness.”

As we celebrate Jasmine’s exciting milestone, we’re reminded of the impact each of us can make in our communities when we act with dedication and compassion. If you’re interested in joining the MHFA community, get trained today. As a Mental Health First Aider, you will be able to identify, understand and respond to signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges in your community. Being a First Aider is more than a certification—it’s a commitment to understanding, supporting and championing mental health in our communities.

And if you’re already a First Aider, consider becoming a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Instructors are the key to spreading Mental Health First Aid across the country, making an impact in their communities and beyond. Join one of our monthly webinars to learn how to get started. Together, we can make a difference by training every 1 in 15 people to address mental health and substance use challenges. You can #BeTheDifference!

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