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Entertainers Remind Us That We’re Not Alone

You are not alone. Even though it can be hard to believe it when you’re faced with a mental health or substance use challenge, it’s true. One in five people in the United States experiences a mental health illness in a given year – that’s about 43.8 million people.

Despite the prevalence of mental health and substance use challenges, it can be hard to talk openly about them. This stigma around mental health makes it even harder to believe that you are not alone, are supported and can get help.

Luckily, the entertainment industry is taking positive steps forward to break down stigma and encourage people to openly discuss their needs and seek treatment.

That’s why we are so proud to partner with Comedy Central to highlight and drive mental health culture change during Comedy Central Presents Clusterfest with a special panel, “Comedy and Mental Health: A Hilarious Conversation,” featuring comedians Neal Brennan, Michelle Buteau, Tig Notaro and Jeff Ross.

Some other famous entertainers who have opened up about mental health include:

  1. Game of Throne’s Sophie Turner recently opened up about her experience with anxiety and depression, and the role therapy and medication played in her journey to recovery.
  2. Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, published a new book in which she discusses her struggle with opioid addiction and how she wants to help others who may also be struggling.
  3. Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez discussed her experience with depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as growing up in an environment where talking about mental health was discouraged.

The list goes on. Entertainers are slowly changing the conversation about mental health from something that was once frowned upon and embarrassing to something that is empowering and honest.

Mental Health First Aid teaches how to identify and understand mental health and substance use challenges, help those around you who may be struggling and where to get the help you may need. By increasing awareness through Mental Health First Aid courses and open conversations, we can continue to destigmatize mental illness and #BeTheDifference.

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