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Mental Health Essentials – Resources and Events

The unprecedented response to the COVID-19 pandemic has created new pressures in the workplace. Uncertainties about job security, pay cuts, health and caregiving have left many employees feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

New challenges will arise as businesses reopen and work environments change in surprising and challenging ways. Many organizations will implement new guidelines on physical distancing and gatherings, while many more will extend remote work flexibility to employees.

Creating an emotionally healthy workplace has taken on increased urgency.

Prepare yourself and your employees for the “new normal” with MHFA at Work products and services. Give them the tools they need to support a healthy environment at work and at home.

Moving Forward As A Workforce: Reflecting To Learn, and Refocusing To Grow

More than a year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are starting to feel the first glimmers of hope that a return to “normal” is on the horizon. As we navigate this latest shift, there is still an overwhelming need to support employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

This live seminar introduced perspective on the experience of this past year and focused on 2021 workplace trends, employee wellbeing, and how to build resilience moving forward.

Employee Support Under Stressful Conditions

Tips and Tools for Mental Health First Aiders in the Workplace

Creating an emotionally healthy workplace has taken on increased urgency. As a Mental Health First aider in the Workplace you have the skills and tools to help build and sustain a healthy environment at work and at home. Please join us for a live seminar dedicated to reinforcing the principles of MHFA at Work. The session will include information on best practices in the workplace and guidance on how to support each other and ourselves. We will host discussion on current areas of most pressing concern, with a focus on the impact of trauma, the importance of team engagement, self-care and mindfulness.

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