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Success Stories

December 31, 2013

A Top-notch Service to Communities

This program is a top-notch service to communities like ours; we are so grateful for the opportunity to have…

Nikki Carber, President, Speak Out Against Suicide
Camanche, Iowa

December 4, 2013

I Was Able to Save a Life

Mental Health First Aid skills can be applied anytime, anywhere, and to anyone in distress, be it a brother…

Capt. Joseph Coffey
Rhode Island

November 27, 2013

Mental Health First Aid Really Works

He was astonished how well the ALGEE Action Plan worked. He went through each letter and explained how he…

Barry Groesch
Naperville, IL

October 16, 2013

Being There for Family

When a loved one has cancer, families rally around — they cook, clean, drive their loved ones to doctor’s…

Washington, D.C.