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Why Workplace Wellness Is Important

“Employees who feel burnout at work often blame their workplace: Three in four employees say their jobs are very stressful and are considering or actively looking for a new job,” according to research published by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

We spend roughly a third of our adult lives at work, which means that finding a mentally healthy workplace is critical. That is one reason why Mental Health First Aid at Work is so important, particularly for companies that want to develop a skilled, productive workforce.

At work, we often face high stress situations and quickly approaching deadlines. Our technology-driven culture brings new social pressures and a barrage of constant communication. And research tells us that because of the high use of technology in the workplace, employees are communicating primarily through email, text and social media. There is a “lack of genuine human connection” and as a result, employees more often experience loneliness and mental health challenges.

That’s where Mental Health First Aid can come in.

Mental Health First Aid teaches people how to manage their own personal mental health challenges and how to support coworkers who may be facing them as well. Trained Mental Health First Aiders report increased confidence in their ability to recognize signs of someone who may be dealing with a mental health or substance use challenge, provide them with reassurance and information and connect them to appropriate professional help and other resources.

For employers, Mental Health First Aid at Work can be the cornerstone in creating a mentally healthy workplace – one in which individuals feel valued, supported and respected.  We have trained companies across the United States in all sectors and industries. Yours could be next!

Learn more about Mental Health First Aid and get trained today.

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