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#BeTheDifference During Pride Month

June is Pride Month. It’s a time for LGBTQ+ communities to come together and celebrate love, diversity, acceptance and self-pride. It is a reminder that you should love and be proud of yourself and those around you.

We know that this year, Pride Month feels a little different. Because of COVID-19, people across the country are facing travel restrictions, physical distancing requirements and bans on large-scale events. Annual Pride Month parades and marches can’t be held. Despite this, you can still #BeTheDifference for yourself and those around you during Pride Month and after.

Here are a few ways you can #BeTheDifference this Pride Month.

  1. Attend a virtual celebration. There are virtual Pride Month events being held throughout June to give people an opportunity to come together to share experiences and celebrate their pride. Join a national event or plan one of your own with your loved ones online.
  2. Practice self-care. According to the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) curriculum, self-care is an important way to take care of your mental health and well-being and will give you the ability to better support those around you. A few ways you can practice self-care this month include spending time with your loved ones, getting enough sleep, exercising as appropriate for your own health, and doing at least one relaxing activity every day — such as a taking walk or spending 30 minutes unwinding.
  3. Connect with loved ones. A great way to celebrate Pride Month is to connect with your family, friends and neighbors while physical distancing. Reach out to your loved ones via phone calls, text messages, video chats and social media. If you’re feeling lonely, sad or anxious, reach out to your social support networks and share what you are feeling.
  4. Share information. Throughout the month, we will be sharing stories from Mental Health First Aiders in the LGBTQ+ community about their experiences and how MHFA has helped them take care of their own mental health and support those around them. Keep an eye on our blog for new blog posts and share them with your networks. If you’re interested in sharing your story with us, email Rubina Kapil at

Celebrating love and pride in yourself doesn’t require you to go outside or spend a lot of money. Take small steps while at home this month to practice self-love and self-care while connecting with your family and friends.

Together, we can #BeTheDifference this Pride Month and celebrate the diversity, acceptance and love that connects us all.

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