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What Comes Next? How To Find the Right Therapist

August 31, 2018
Mental Health First Aid teaches people how to understand, recognize and respond to people who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis and connect people to care, if necessary. But what happens after people make the decision...
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28 Signs of Eating Disorders in Young People

August 22, 2018
An eating disorder is a serious mental health issue that can severely impact a young person’s health and can threaten his or her life. Fortunately, early detection can significantly improve a person’s ability to recover. But eating disorders, like many...
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Faith Communities are Saving Lives with Mental Health First Aid

August 9, 2018
Many faith communities are at the front lines of the fight for better mental health. A faith community – whether a mosque, church, synagogue or temple – provides a space for people to connect with others and to find and...
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