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two corrections officers stand in front of a jail cell
September 27, 2023

“Toughing It Out” Doesn’t Work for Corrections Professionals

With 14 years of experience in the corrections industry, plus family in the field, Kristen Thompson has a bead on…

Be The Difference, Criminal Justice, Mental Health First Aid, News, Public Safety
smiling employees at work
September 25, 2023

Create Healthier and More Engaged Employees with Mental Health First…

Do your employees know what to do or say if a coworker seems to be struggling with mental health challenges?…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, News, Workplace
a teen and his parents sit on a park bench
August 31, 2023

Five Ways to Support Your Teen’s Mental Health

Adults often joke about the moodiness and unpredictable nature of teenagers. As teens go through puberty, spend more time with…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, News, Teen Mental Health, Youth Mental Health
smiling teacher with students working at computers behind her
August 29, 2023

Teachers: Take Care of Your Mental Wellbeing This Back-to-School Season

The first day of school is a welcome reprieve for many parents. Juggling childcare, work and summer activities can be…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, News, Schools, Self-Care, Youth Mental Health
three college students sit together on steps
August 21, 2023

Reducing Mental Health Stigma on College Campuses

College campuses are a melting pot of cultures and experiences. Students can hail from the same state as their school,…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, News, Schools
closeup view of lights on top of a police car
August 14, 2023

Dismantling Mental Health Stigma in Public Safety

A staggering 90% of police officers surveyed reported stigma as a barrier to seeking mental health help. Some of that…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, News, Public Safety
three older women stand outdoors in nature hugging and laughing
July 20, 2023

Make Life Better for Older Adults with Mental Health Challenges

Older Adults experience mental health challenges about the same rate as the general public. According to the Massachusetts Association for…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, Older Adults
an instructor leads a mental health first aid course in a conference room
July 19, 2023

Research Shows: Mental Health First Aid Works

More than 3 million people have been trained in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). That is cause for celebration! Of…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid
father and young son sit in a farm field looking at their sheep and goats
July 13, 2023

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Rural Communities

The challenges people who live in rural communities are vastly different than those who live in urban areas. What is…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, Rural Communities
men sitting in a circle of chairs talking with an American flag behind them
June 21, 2023

Offer Support to Military, Veterans and Their Families with MHFA

Anthony Campbell admits he used to be a “yeller.” Whether it was the way he was raised or his military…

Be The Difference, Mental Health First Aid, PTSD, Veterans
young black male firefighter stands in front of a firetruck
June 14, 2023

To the Fire/EMS Community: Help and Hope Are There

On the East Coast, the place where firefighters reside is called a firehouse. On the West Coast, it’s called a…

Be The Difference, Fire/EMS, Mental Health First Aid
group of people walking outside with their arms linked
May 18, 2023

25 Small, Powerful Ways to Take Action for Mental Health

Taking charge of your mental health doesn’t have to mean drastic lifestyle changes. In fact, the smaller the shift, the…

Be The Difference, Mental Health Awareness Month, Mental Health First Aid, News, Self-Care

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