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Johnny pictured at NatCon in St. Louis alongside MHFA Coordinator, Tiah Grimes.

Community Impact: How MHFA Instructors Are Making a Difference in Tennessee

July 1, 2024
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)’s fast growth — building on the more than 3 million people trained across the U.S. — wouldn’t be possible without its dedicated Instructors, like Johnny Smith. A retired first responder, Smith became certified as an...
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The Future of Community-Engaged Research in Black Mental Health

June 17, 2024
This blog focuses on why community-engaged research is important for mental health equity in Black communities, Dr. Arnold’s work in delivering mental health interventions in Black schools and churches, and her thoughts on the future of the community-engaged mental health...
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LGBTQ+ Mental Health: Insights From Dr. Douglas Knutson

June 12, 2024
As we celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is honored to spotlight one of our distinguished Research Advisory Board members, Douglas Knutson, PhD.
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Supporting LGBTQ+ Mental Health During Pride Month: A Resource Guide

June 5, 2024
Recognizing LGBTQ+ mental health needs, Mental Health First Aid is committed to providing resources for LGBTQ+ people and their allies.
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older woman smiles while a young woman and an older man talk in the background

30 Courses Later, Sarah Haupt’s Passion for Teaching Older Adults Shines

May 7, 2024
Having taught over 30 MHFA, MHFA instructor Sarah Haupt recently reflected on her special connection with the older adult community.
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Four Ways to Move Forward this Mental Health Awareness Month

May 1, 2024
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this year, we invite you to take four ways forward for mental health.
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Debunking Myths Around Mental Health First Aid

April 29, 2024
Mental Health First Aid’s (MHFA) main goal is to teach individuals how to identify, understand and respond to signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges.
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MHFA Coordinator Jasmine Breeden

Jasmine’s Journey to Training 2000+ Mental Health First Aiders

March 25, 2024
Everyday, our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) community powers our mission of ensuring that mental wellbeing is a reality for everyone. MHFA Coordinators, who help Instructors run their courses seamlessly, are important to our community and our work. MHFA Coordinator...
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photo of dr. jodi frey, expert on transforming workplace wellbeing

Dr. Jodi Frey on Transforming Workplace Wellbeing

March 19, 2024
Dr. Frey promotes early intervention in mental health challenges to not only enhance worker wellbeing across different occupations, but also to protect jobs and resources.
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happy employees talking and laughing together

10 Tips to Boost Wellbeing in the Workplace in 2024

March 6, 2024
Use these tips to move your workplace away from routine stress and toward resiliency.
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Dr. Kimberly Arnold on Advancing Mental Health in Black Communities

February 29, 2024
Dr. Arnold is an expert in health equity and using community-engaged research to reduce health disparities experienced by Black Americans.
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photo of NatCon attendees

6 Reasons to Attend the 2024 MHFA Summit and NatCon24

February 26, 2024
The 2024 MHFA Summit and NatCon24 will connect you with countless people from across the country, including experts in our field and sought-after speakers who will leave you feeling rejuvenated and truly inspired.
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